understand how to use the power of psychology in stock markets

How I multiplied my stock market profits to 3x with these deep investor/trader psychological concepts

What if I give you the secret which got me here, happy & confident in stock markets along with being all set to take the future challenges.

Here is what I learnt in my 9+ years of experience in investing and trading.

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Note: This training is designed to even accommodate beginners without prior experience 

Note: This training is designed to even accommodate beginners without prior experience 

Why "no number game" you ask?

If a mathematical formula created by algorithm trading / AI / ML was the trick then every mathematician would be sitting with a billion dollars.

Moreover, anyone with money could buy this formula and become a billionaire…and this we know is certainly not true.

This means that success in stock markets lies in something more than numbers.

Now the next question is why mathematical formulas or techniques developed through statistics do not work.

Let’s see why…

Technical analysis and fundamental analysis are certainly very important and these surely help us do better i.e. helping us get a good timing of entry and exit.

But here’s an interesting fact. People even after knowing the above techniques still are making losses…want to know why? 

Technicals and fundamentals look very profitable on paper but…IN REALITY…there is a huge monster that separate everyone from their profits.

It’s our “emotions”!

We end up taking decisions by our emotions leaving technical analysis and fundamental analysis aside. When this happens we slip into losses.

So the ultimate question is how do we manage our emotions and take rational decisions which ultimately lead to more profits.

I need to work with you to create an appropriate investing & trading mindset, you will understand how to handle a volatile journey which is full of good and bad news, corrections, excitement, joy and pain.

Understanding the Psychology and Mindset is key. If you understand this you will 3x your existing profits or if you haven’t started to invest/trade then you will start from an unfair advantage.

Now you know how important it is to understand the mindset and psychology of stock markets before you dig deep inside fundamentals and technicals.

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So many people who use the learnings have got such amazing results

What we will cover...

Why people lose money

Before understanding how to make money, it’s very important to understand why majority lose money.

Contrarian Investing / Trading

This part will be critical where you will know how I have stayed strong in stock markets for more than 9 years

Market Cycles

Here we will reveal how to use market cycles to time the entry and exit to multiply your investment.

Clear signals to identify market peak / bottom

Here we will tell you how to use the signals which have proved right in the past for predicting the biggest crashes

Application of the learned concepts

We believe in results and this portion will guide you how to apply everything in real life

Clear path to our investing and trading system

We have developed a certain system of trading and investing, which has given us the opportunity to speak on platforms like Tedx.


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Meet Your Mentor

Harsh Goela, MBA, Tedx Speaker, Josh Talk Speaker

Harsh is an expert in Fundamental Analysis, Economics, Behavioral
Economics and a stellar Motivational Speaker. Trained under several experts and with an empirical experience in Stock Markets of more than eight years. Equipped with an in-depth view of financial Markets, Financial Instruments and alternative investments like Real Estate, Commodities, Currency etc. As a Motivational Speaker, won several awards and reaching Top Eight Motivational Speakers in India at the age of 21.


Aditya Goela, CFA, Josh Talk Speaker

Aditya is an expert in Technical Analysis, Statistics, Money Management and is a Keynote Speaker. Achieved the title of being one of the youngest CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst, USA) in India. He has worked and studied under several experts, additionally with a rich experience of seven years in Stock Markets. Practices income generation in Stock Markets via Short Term Trades and Derivatives. Managing and advising several portfolios for the same.

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Ever heard about opportunity cost?

It means the cost we bear of not doing something. Here the opportunity cost of not learning this lifetime skill is extremely high(especially if you’re already investing or trading in the markets).

It’ll cost you not more than a meal, but bring you unbelievable returns in the long run. This skill you will carry for life.

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“No Number Game” is an exclusive session from Goela School of Finance, empowering you in the domain of much less discussed- Psychology. To speak its value, 20% success is through fundamental or technical analysis, but 80% is the mindset which we’ll discuss in the session.

There are numerous strategies and theories in the market available for free or paid, but have you imagined why it may have not worked the claimed wonders for you? One probable reason- Mindset. We’ll not teach you Fundamental or technical strategy here, rather we’ll take a deep dive into creating that mindset which you might be missing. Whether you’re an aspirant, trying to enter or an experienced person, this session will help you, if you’re passionate to listen and learn.

The session will majorly be in English with little Hindi here and there. Saying that, if you only understand English then also you will be able to understand all the concepts.

Mark the day – Sunday, 12 Noon to 4 PM on Zoom, unless stated otherwise.

Don’t worry! Just mail your payment screenshot to info@goelasf.in along with your full name and payment date. We’ll provide you with the necessary details.

The bonuses are shared in a mail with the description and you’ll find a Google Drive link in that mail. Open that link to find your bonuses.

No, you have to make sure you attend the session. If in any case you can’t make it then please mail us at info@goelasf.in and  we will assign you to the next batch.

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